What areas do you cover?

We are based in Aberdeenshire but travel anywhere in Scotland! We love setting up our tents and seeing how much joy they bring! If you have a location in mind further afield, give us a shout and we can see what we can do!

What size tent do I require?

On our Our Tents page you can get an idea of the number of guests each tent can accommodate. However, these numbers are the tent at it's absolute maximum capacity. Please let us know when enquiring what your numbers are and we will best advise you on what size tent is perfect for your day. We always recommend to go up a size as you know how much us Scots enjoy a ceilidh!

Are your tents the same as a marquee?

Our Sailcloth Tents are completely different from a marquee as they use wooden poles as opposed to a metal structure. You won't get the same 'wow' as you enter a marquee.

Our Petite Tent does have a metal frame.

Can your tents be set up on hard standing surfaces?

Yes! We do require to drill into the ground, so it is best to use grass, however if it is your only option we are happy to come out for a site inspection and take things from there.

Our Petite Tent can sit on hard surfaces no problem and just requires to be weighted down.

Do I need to take out insurance?

We always recommend to take out insurance as it can cover so many aspects of the day and gives everyone piece of mind. If you are unsure of where to get insurance from please let us know and we can recommend the best insurance providers.

My garden isn't very big and I have a very tight budget for a venue. Can you help?

Depending on your numbers our Petite Tent is the perfect starting point as it is compact and can fit in small gardens. Alternatively, if you are looking to have a bigger occasion take a look at our partner properties. Some of these properties offer a land only fee for the marquee to sit on and can be the most cost effective way.

Can the tents be used in winter?

Absolutely! A winter wedding can be absolutely fab! Imagine twinkly lights, a decorated Christmas tree and a fire pit perfect for toasting marshmallows. With the right amount of heaters you wouldn't even know you were in a tent!

How long do we get the tent for?

Usually for a weekend wedding we would set the tent up on either the Wednesday or Thursday depending on availability. Take down of the tent would be on the Monday or Tuesday. We are happy to work around you! If you need the tent taken down the day after the event that is possible as long as other suppliers have their items moved first thing in the morning. These are all things we will discuss with you closer to your booking date.

Do you offer site visits?

We always undertake one free site visit upon receiving a deposit. We love to come and chat with you about your day and see where you would like the tent to go. If for any reason the site is deemed unsuitable we offer a full refund of the deposit paid.

Can I choose how to have the sidewalls?

Absolutely! We always ask for someone to be on site on the day we build so that we can go over details of if you would like all clear sidewalls or if you would like some of the sidewalls to be white - good for blocking off a catering tent. You can choose how many of your sidewalls to be up or down on the day also! Roll the sidewalls up throughout the day if it is a scorcher (that's what the best men are for eh) and if it gets cooler into the evening the walls can easily be rolled back down again.

What happens if it is raining?

Your gonna get wet! Only kidding! Our tents are completely waterproof, there's no chance of any water getting in. Our sidewalls also have a patented leak free system meaning there will be no water pooling through the side walls, even in horizontal rain. This often isn't the case for other similar alternative tent makes.

What happens if there is heavy wind?

As with any outdoor event there is always a possibility of heavy wind! We monitor the weather on a daily basis and if we see that there is going to be a strong wind we may need to change our up and down dates as erecting and dismantling in high wind can be very difficult!

Each tent has it's own maximum wind bearing load and if this is exceeded we would have to evacuate everyone for their own safety. This is very unlikely to happen especially during the summer months though.

Do you offer wooden flooring?

Unfortunately not...

Due to the style and shape of our Sailcloth Tent it's not something we can provide at the moment, although we can say that our DandyDura Matting does just as good a job and significantly saves on price (hard wood flooring is expensive)!

If dancing on the matting is what you are worried about some of our suppliers can do very large dance floors (up to a third of our Maxi Tent).

We do however provide a wooden flooring for our Petite Tent.

Can you put the tent up on wet ground?

We always put a waterproof membrane under our matting flooring to make sure that no water will leak through. As long as the site isn't on a flood plane there shouldn't be any issues.

Will there be someone on call during my event?

Absolutely! We will give you our number closer to your booking date in case of any issues.

How much additional room do I need either side of the Sailcloth Tent for the guy ropes?

As our Sailcloth Tents use guy ropes we do require extra space around the tent to allow for the guy ropes. Please see below the required space needed for each Sailcloth Tent.

14mx14m - requires 18mx18m

14mx20m - requires 18mx24m

14mx26m - requires 18mx30m