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Why lockdown is the perfect time to plan your wedding!

They asked. You said yes. Now you are floating on a cloud of engagement euphoria. After spilling the news to all of your friends and family the next stage is exactly what most bride’s look forward to – mooching around wedding exhibitions with your tribe (who doesn’t like a cheeky piece of free cake) and visiting potential shortlisted venues.

However, your visions quickly come crashing back down to earth when the government announces isolation. Is it the end of the world? No! Does my wedding planning need to be put on hold for the next who knows how many months to come? Absolutely not! Here’s why NOW is exactly the RIGHT time to get stuck into your wedding panning.

You have the time!

Once you get engaged, often the excitement of marriage makes you want to rush into decisions without actually having the time to think about it properly. I for one am definitely one of those people! If you are like the many, then you will have nothing but time on your hands at the moment! Make the most of this. Now is the perfect time to sit down together with your fiancé and chat! Chat, chat, chat, and chat some more. You may both have different ideas of what you envisage for the day – if your other half even gets a say! But please try not to get into any arguments – especially when you can’t escape the house! No real life CLUEDO please – fiancé, in the lounge, with the laptop……..In all seriousness though, now you have agreed on your wedding vision let the fun part begin!

The internet pretty much has it all!

Finding the perfect wedding venue is probably the top of everyone’s list and understandably it’s the one you want to get right! The venue you pick will often determine the number of guests you can invite, the décor/layout and ultimately it will dictate the ambience of your entire day. The great power of the internet means that pretty much all the venues in your area will have a website or if not a social media page (Facebook and/or Instagram). You can really get a feel for a venue by looking at pictures of previous weddings, which will give you a fab idea of how the venue can look all kitted out! The great news is that no one is able to view a wedding venue right now so there is no immediate scrambling for a date which leaves your options wide open.

Here at Aurora we have loads of photos of previous weddings that really showcase how our tent can look to kick start your imagination for what you want your special day to look and feel like. You don’t need to stick to a certain décor in our tent – glitzy glamour or rustic chic – you bet someone has done it and rocked that look! Don’t have your own piece of land? No problem! We work with a huge portfolio of venues which are perfect for our tent – please feel free to get in touch for a list of these awesome venues!

Once you have shortlisted your venues, why not email them to arrange a date to visit once they are open again. You’re already half way there – and you haven’t even left the house!

Your booked venue/potential venue will be able to recommend suppliers for all the other essentials!

A lot of newly engaged couples have been unable to go to wedding exhibitions. It is here that most people often find their wedding photographer, venue decorator, cake maker and all of the other supplies you didn’t know you needed! What do you do now? A great way to find wedding suppliers is to join local Facebook wedding groups.

These pages are dedicated to local suppliers to advertise on so are definitely worth looking at or even writing a post on it asking for recommendations – you’ll likely find that there’s a group for your local area! If you already have your venue booked then you can always ask your venue who they recommend. Here at Aurora, we pride ourselves with working with some amazing local suppliers. Sometimes just asking is your best bet – we certainly know lots of lovely suppliers who we would recommend in a heartbeat. We like to make it as easy as it can be for our couples to be!

You won’t forget insurance

Anyone with their wedding booked this year will have realised the importance of wedding insurance. I don’t think anyone will ever forget to take out wedding insurance again. It’s a valuable lesson for us all – you can’t predict the future so it’s always better to be safe than sorry whether it’s a viral pandemic or a storm front battering the UK. We always recommend to our couples that insurance is really important to take out as it’s really inexpensive and covers so many aspects of the day, giving everyone peace of mind.

We are here to help you!

If you are thinking about booking a marquee with Aurora, we would love to hear from you! If you fancy emailing us your thoughts (auroraeventsscotland@gmail.com) we would be happy to help. Just like a regular venue, we love to meet you at your chosen wedding location and hear all about the plans for your day. We have been working hard moving all of our scheduled weddings/events to new dates later on this year or to 2021. Next year is going to be a busy one, but we still have availability for later on this year and 2021, so please do get in touch!

Because your wedding day is going to be awesome!

Although it may seem bleak at the moment and your wedding day might feel like it will never come, hang in there and start to plan your day as it will give you something to look forward to. As they say; all good things come to those who wait! Together we will stand stronger!

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